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fake cr chart ver 1


"Even if Alice isn't here, she has a special place in my heart!"


"As soon as I saw her, my heart was captured just like that!"


"We could play games together! ...The safe kind!!"


"Miss Izumo? She can really take care of herself! That kind of independence is refreshing!"


"She'll be a really cute first rate adventurer!"


"I met her on a snowy day, I wonder where she is now...?"


"Straight out of a fairytale~"


"She's involved with Eugeo, right?"


"She's as pretty as her name."


"Our first meeting felt like a dream... Could this be... fate?!"


"Mister Reim is lucky, isn't he?"


"An adorable heroine! I'll be her number one fan!"


"She has a bright presence. It's okay if I stay by her side, right?"


"Girls who can bake as well as she can are super popular!"


"Eh, if I say something then Edward might punch me..."


"She's cute! She'll be a pretty lady when she grows up."


"I'll protect her!!"


"I would call it... the charm of an older woman?"


"I get the feeling that I can really depend on her."


"Eh...? I'm not sure... Wait..."


"She really takes charge, that's what I admire most about her."




"Sometimes the prickliest turn out to be the most lovely."


"I think I'm lucky to have met her."


"A real angel! Definitely real!!"


"Little Echo's just as cute as I remember."


"No matter what, I owe it all to her."


"We've only met once, but she seems to be very delicate..."


"Crona's charming! Even if it's not the traditional kind..."


"S-she's... u-um, I'll answer this later -- !!"


"My heart beats faster when I see her face..."


"Eh, mister Reim, what about miss Mio??"


"I have a soft spot for her, I want to be someone she can rely on!"


"The strength of her compassion leaves me swooning."

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